Grant Application

Applications can be submitted at any time.
Applicants may use these guidelines together with outline details to make an initial request for a grant.

Applications, with supporting documents, should in the first instance be e-mailed to (to be changed to new website address), or printed and mailed to:

Transglobe Expedition Trust
C/o Walnut Tree Farm
Suffolk IP17 1JB

Applications, however submitted, should include:

A project description, which describes:

  • The aim of the project.
  • The proposed method of undertaking the project.
  • The proposed timetable for the project.
  • The personnel involved (including CV’s or biographies and relevant experience).
  • The project’s humanitarian, scientific or educational benefits.

A financial plan, which sets out:

  • The overall budget for the project.
  • The sum requested of the Transglobe Expedition Trust (TET) and the purpose for which it will be used.
  • Other proposed sources of funding.
  • Committed supporters (including companies, grant making trusts and individuals).

A risk assessment, which describes:

  • The anticipated risks of the project
  • The plan for minimising or insuring against such risk.

An undertaking by the leader of the project to provide the Trust with a detailed written report and/or a lecture in support of TET following the completion of the project, whether or not the project succeeds in fulfilling its aims.

Letters from two appropriate referees supporting the application.

It would be helpful if a deadline for a response from TET is given.

The trustees will reply promptly to all applications on receipt of the above information. Following an application, further information concerning the project and a meeting with key personnel may also be required.

All applicants will be advised of the next award date following receipt of their application and notified of the results immediately following the award date.